‘Watch Dogs: Legion 101’ Takes You To School To Learn About The End Of NPCs

Fresh off the heels of the first look at Watch Dogs: Legion, Ubisoft is dropping a more in-depth look at the potential of a world where NPCs are a thing of the past and every character is playable. And they’re trying to mine some laughs in the process thanks to former Parks and Rec and Delocated star Jon Glasser (who plays a professor) and a classroom setting.

What do the professor and Ubisoft want students to know when they watch the above video? That they’re going to “sh*t their pants” when they hear the lesson plan and learn more about the things they’re going to be doing in Legion‘s version of a near future London that is dominated by riots, protests, and killer drones. That and the aforementioned transformation of NPCs into APCs (all playable characters). And you better believe that the bits of gameplay footage sprinkled into the lesson plan also help to inspire excitement about the game that took social media and the E3 audience by storm earlier this week.

All of this makes for a powerful tease of an open-ended world where creativity is rewarded in a big way. Figuring out the right combinations of APCs to recruit and use together looks like it’ll create some really fun consequences, but it’s important to note that it could all go awry too. Witness the story of Todd, a student who is a bit less creative than the others in the class. He had a mission as a getaway driver and chose an old woman to get away in a bus, which gets stuck in an alley. Happens to the best of us, but Todd tries to exit that tight situation in an explosive way, killing his character in the process. A bit of a gut-punch when you consider that there are no respawning NPCs in Watch Dogs: Legion, which means the old woman, who Todd notes “had a family,” is gone from his game forever. Thank goodness there are thousands and thousands of other virtual Londoners to burn through in the game.

Aching for more details about APCs and the world of Watch Dogs: Legion? Check out the above video to laugh through Watch Dogs: Legion 101. Also look out for future dispatches ahead of the game’s launch which promises to discuss co-op play, something that was teased at the end of the class.

Watch Dogs: Legion drops on March 6, 2020.