Boogie Jumps Over A House With His Bike On His Funny, Surreal ‘Self Destruction’ Video

It might not look it from his stoic expression throughout his latest video, but Boogie‘s got a humorous streak a mile wide. While his face downplays the goofy and surreal goings-on of the “Self Destruction” video, it’s pretty clear he’s having a ball, doing push-ups in a room filled with snow, biking through a suburban neighborhood with his hometown buddies, and jumping over houses on his bike with blunt in hand.

He explains the oddball imagery with a relatively simple statement in the press release for “Self Destruction,” saying: “I miss fun videos and always wanted to see n—-s have super powers!“

“Self Destruction” is a common theme of Boogie’s music, where he often wonders why he carries out behaviors he knows are bad for him, and while the beat on this particular single is a changeup from his usual soulful style with its percussive, throwback sound, his content remains as consistent as ever. He even relates drunk texting TDE singer SZA and failing to get a response, which is some Drake-level self-deprecation to put in his first music video as a signee of Eminem’s Shady Records.

“Self Destruction” is Boogie’s first single since late last year, when he dropped “Violence” with Masego. He’s going on tour with fellow Comptonite Buddy and Joey Badass this summer. It’s not quite clear whether he’s started work on his Shady Records debut in earnest, but his last project, Thirst 48 Part II is well worth revisiting in the meantime. It’s out now via Interscope.