Beyonce Is Not Having It With This Brooklyn Brewer Who Named A Beer After Her

Getty/Line Up

Many have learned the hard way that if you kick the beehive and mess with Beyonce, you’re gonna get stung. Well, now you can add a young brewer in Brooklyn to Beyonce’s list of persona non grata.

Katarina Martinez is an up-and-coming brewmaster in Brooklyn. Her Lineup Brewing puts out the usual list of IPAs, pale ales, and stouts that have become the backbone of many a microbrewery. Martinez’s twist is that she names her beers based on what inspires her in life. So Lineup’s session IPA is called “In the Defense of Ghosting.” Their cream ale is called “Shame.” The East-coast IPA is called “Notorious.” You get the (millennial) drift.

Martinez’s latest inspiration was Queen Bey herself. It was pretty simple for Martinez — Beyonce inspires her and she wanted to honor that with a beer. So a pilsner called “Bïeryoncé” was born. But, according to Pitchfork, Beyonce didn’t see it that clearcut. Nor was she flattered. The pop star’s legal team issued a cease and desist order to Lineup to immediately stop making the beer. So, now, “Bïeryoncé” will be relegated to the ranks of other misfires like “John Lemon” and all those DoughP puns.

Martinez had hoped Beyonce would have taken the beer in stride. “We’re disappointed she didn’t take it as a compliment, but oh well,” Martinez lamented before moving on, “It was fun while it lasted!”

If you’re in the New York City area, you still might be able to snag a can or two of “Bïeryoncé” while supplies last. Who knows, they may be a collector’s item one day. And if not, at least you can drink that tasty pilsner inside.

(Via Pitchfork)