Eminem Returns To The BET Hip-Hop Awards To Berate Donald Trump With A Freestyle

Eminem doesn’t always dip into the BET Hip-Hop Awards well, but whenever he does it means he has an album away and a notebook full of ridiculous bars he’s ready to unleash on the public. Well, he kept up one end of that bargain as Em dropped off an insane, lengthy freestyle just to berate Donald Trump and his fans who support Trump.

Em spoke on a number of issues, including the national anthem protests in the NFL, Trump’s foreign policy and even Trump’s “orange” skin. The 44-year-old made his opinions clear, he’s no fan of Trump doesn’t want any of his fans to support him either. “This is form of distraction / Plus he gets an enormous reaction when he focuses on the NFL” Eminem raps in the nearly 5-minute freestyle. “So we focus on that / Instead of talking Puerto Rico or gun reform in Nevada.”

The new verse will only fuel the rumors and confirmations of a forthcoming Eminem album, supposedly dropping in November. As noted earlier, Eminem usually pops up at the Hip-Hop Awards when he has an album up his sleeve or recently released.

(Via BET Awards)