Yesterdy Marked The Tenth Anniversary Of Jay Z’s “The Black Album”

Photo via Lenny S.

THE BLACK ALBUM JustBlaze x Guru x Jay x Pharrell 10 Yrs ago today, we released this Classic. #RocNation #BaselineStudio
– Lenny S.

I drop that Black Album then I back out it, As the best rapper alive, ni**a ask about me. – Jay Z

On November 14th 2003, Jay Z dropped what was supposed to be his last album. Jay Z was ready to leave the rap game after his eighth release. The album had singles such as, “Change Clothes,” “Dirt Off Your Shoulder” & “99 Problems.” Jay Z also had a huge, “Fade To Black,” concert and “Encore,” went on to be one of his most popular songs to perform.

What were your favorite tracks, lines and videos from, “The Black Album”? How would you say the album compares to his more recent releases? Did you think Jay Z would really stayed retired at that time?

Check the slideshow for videos from, “The Black Album.”

Moment of Clarity: An Oral History of Jay Z’s The Black Album

This is a clip of Jay-Z performing “Encore” from the live recording of Jay-Z’s show at Madison Square Garden on 25th November 2003. It was taken from the 2004 documentary “Fade to Black”.