Meek Mill’s Lawyer Says Reports Of The Rapper Getting Into A Fight With Security Guards Are Not True

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The battle between Meek Mill and the Cosmopolitan Hotel is heating up. Earlier this weekend, the rapper attempted to enter the Las Vegas hotel and was denied entry at the door. Meek called out the hotel for being “racist as hell” for turning him away, and called on fans and allies to boycott the Cosmopolitan.

The Cosmopolitan is telling a different version of the story. TMZ reports that the reason for Meek’s ban is a prior incident involving hotel security. Per a source at the Cosmopolitan hotel, the fight with hotel guards is the reason he was denied entry.

But Meek’s lawyer, Joe Tacopina, told TMZ that the source’s claims are untrue. “The racist hole that they [Cosmopolitan] have dug for themselves has just gotten deeper,” Tacopina said. “Yesterday, when this incident unfolded, the chief security guard could not articulate a reason why Meek was denied entry and threatened with arrest. They’ve now come up with some fabricated claim through an anonymous source that Meek was involved in a fight on their property.”

“Meek Mill was never involved in a fight on their property, ever,” Tacopina went on. “I challenge the Cosmopolitan to produce a video of such altercation or a contemporaneous incident report. The legal case against the Cosmopolitan just got stronger.”