Towkio Tries To Be A Player But Gets Played By A Luxurious ‘Symphony’ Of Women In His Latest Video

Is Chicago rapper Towkio a player or is he getting played? That’s the primary question of the music video for his latest single, “Symphony,” from his upcoming debut album, WWW. Over the course of the video, the braided MC pursues the object of his affection, only to find that he’s been replacing her with numerous beautiful, but unsatisfactory stand-ins as she resists his advances and leads him on a merry chase through a luxurious hotel setting, ultimately leaving him all alone at the bar, wondering where he went wrong.

The song itself is a funky, propulsive cut that doesn’t sound like anything else out. The drum-heavy beat builds, ebbs, and breaks down, much like its namesake, but incorporates elements of jazz, disco, and Chicago house throughout, making for a juke jam-ready anthem. Towkio displays a range of lyrical styles that both signify his membership in Chicago’s fast-rising Savemoney collective (which includes members Chance The Rapper and Vic Mensa) and distinguish him from anyone else in the crew.

WWW, due out on February the 16th, will be Towkio’s first major label release on Republic Records. It was produced at Rick Rubin’s legendary Shangri La studios and will feature his previous hits “Drift” and “Swim.” WWW will be Towkio’s first release since 2015’s .Wav Theory mixtape with fellow Savemoney crew member Chance The Rapper.