Deadpool Doesn’t Care If You Think He’s Selling Out, Even In This Clip From His Dreams

So this video is Deadpool starring in an ad about TV dinners, something that normally wouldn’t be interesting enough to care about outside of a chuckle on TV. But this is Deadpool, it’s a tie-in for an R-Rated superhero movie that is definitely not for kids, and it takes us inside the dreams of the killer mutant. Yes, he is dreaming about grocery shopping for some reason.

But yes, this ad for Devour meals is a fine tie-in for Deadpool 2 because it is self-referential like the film and comic series, and weird enough to get by without actually trying to sell anything at all. It could easily just be another trailer for Deadpool 2 and nobody would be wiser. It’s also nice that Deadpool shows his more generous side here, though you have to wonder why he’s dreaming about a little girl and planned to give said little girl the unicorn he was riding to kick off the ad.

It would also seem like Mr. Pool is a fan of the California Raisins and Sausage Party, though it’s more likely a reference to the former or something more obscure like Food Fighters toys. It’s a weird dream, but not as weird as it could be. We’re just lucky it wasn’t an ad for a more adult product like Trojan condoms. Can’t show that type of dream outside of a paywall.

(Via Devour)