‘Gotham’ Shows Off Their New Joker In An Extended Trailer

Entertainment Editor

“All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy. That’s how far the world is from where I am. Just one bad day.” That familiar quote spoken by the Joker in Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke is being referenced heavily in this Thursday’s episode of Gotham, titled “One Bad Day.” Even though the show isn’t calling Jerome Valeska’s twin brother Jeremiah “Joker,” the new trailer above demonstrates why they might as well start calling him that.

The video recaps previous episodes but is also filled with new footage from the last two episodes of Season 4, including an homage to the amusingly literal signage of the Batman ’66 series: a scene in which Jeremiah seems to burns some of his followers alive by hitting a big button conveniently labelled “purge.” Gotham hasn’t officially been picked up for a fifth season, although Fox chairman Gary Newman has said, “I feel like Gotham should have a place in our schedule.”

If you missed last week’s episode, you missed seeing Jeremiah reveal his real personality in an elaborate fake-out (the videos may still be available here and here), during which he claimed his brother’s insanity gas only had cosmetic effects, like the bleached skin revealed when he wiped a victim’s blood off of his face.


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