Interview: Dan Foley talks ‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’

To say that Dan Foley has been one of the polarizing players in this “Survivor” season would probably be a misnomer, because the “positive” side of the pole hasn't been over-represented as far as fans are concerned.

From condescending chatter about how to talk to and apologize to women, to bullying behavior towards Sierra, to the particularly odd Tribal Council moment in which Dan compared being adopted to being a victim of abuse, the editors have had fun creating an unappealing carousel of moments with Dan, but also Rodney and Will.

Dan hasn't done so well with the men either, launching a feud with former ally Mike over a misunderstanding, and seemingly randomly calling Rodney's mother a whore.

Several months after an ouster in which Dan's two-vote Tribal Council advantage was negated by a surprising Idol play by Carolyn, Dan's got explanations or context for a lot of the things that made him look bad on “Survivor: Worlds Apart.” Dan is capable of talking a blue streak and some of the Maine resident's justifications and whatnot seem reasonable.

And, to his credit, he doesn't claim that if he'd made it through this vote he was going to sweep through to the end to win the million, but he's given it some thought, just like he's given thought to why the editors have given him such a one-sided depiction this season. Dan is forthright and earnest, but not eager to play the hindsight 20/20 game that is a normal pastime for “Survivor” veterans.

[An apology: I did this interview on an upfronts morning with a 4:30 schedule announcement. I fully meant to ask about the abuse/adoption Tribal Council, but things were just slipping through my mind left and right. Sorry.]

We talked about regrets and how he'd play if he got a second chance. Hint: He and Popeye share a philosophy.

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