Jared Leto Method Acted Himself Temporarily Blind For ‘Blade Runner 2049’

Jared Leto has done it again. The Oscar winner and living embodiment of the HAM horn is back in the news for his method acting, but this time Edgy McEdgerton the edgelord wasn’t scaring his coworkers, but rather making his depiction of blind villain Neander Wallace in Blade Runner 2049 a little more realistic. Both Leto and Blade Runner 2049 director Denis Villeneuve spoke to The Wall Street Journal about Leto’s newest all-in performance.

To better depict a blind character, Leto wore opaque contacts to temporarily blind himself (although it should be noted long term use of those contacts is dangerous and a wearer risks real eye damage). “We all heard stories about Jared, how he transforms into the characters, but even this didn’t prepare me for what was to come,” Villeneuve said. “He entered the room, and he could not see at all. He was walking with an assistant, very slowly. It was like seeing Jesus walking into a temple. Everybody became super silent, and there was a kind of sacred moment. Everyone was in awe. It was so beautiful and powerful — I was moved to tears. And that was just a camera test!”

You can see a similar scene in this Blade Runner 2049 prequel short released last week. Villaneuve also told WSJ, “Every time Jared came on set, it was a boost of energy, tension and excitement.”

Leto spoke to WSJ as well, joking about his reputation for extreme method acting. “I didn’t dive as deep down the rabbit hole as maybe I’ve done before, but I stayed really focused. I’m crazy, but I’m not insane.”

It’s an important distinction. Opaque contacts? Merely crazy. Sending used condoms to a coworker? Insane.

(Via The Wall Street Journal and The Playlist)