Jared Leto Kissed A ‘Suicide Squad’ Co-Star Because Method Acting

If you thought you were done hearing stories about Jared Leto’s method acting — potentially award-winning method acting — on the set of Suicide Squad, brace yourself for some Hot Topic and HAM horn, ’cause we’re just getting started.

Remember the scene where the Joker (Jared Leto) offers to help Officer Griggs (Ike Barinholtz) settle some gambling debts? If you thought things looked awfully cozy when Leto hopped onto Barinholtz’s lap, you weren’t wrong. It wasn’t in the script, but Leto nonetheless decided to surprise Barinholtz with a kiss during that scene.



Ike Barinholtz told Howard Stern (as transcribed by the New Zealand Herald), “I do this scene with Jared Leto and he’s supposed to be intimidating me. He comes in, he’s the Joker, and he starts squeezing my t*ts. He’s like [panting and moaning] ‘You’re a big guy’. This is while we’re filming. Then he f*cking grabs me and kisses me. On the mouth, full kisses me. Cameras were rolling and none of this was in the script, mind you. I thought, OK, I’m just gonna go with it. But then he’s like, [panting and moaning again] ‘Did someone piss their pants?’ I’m like, now I did because you said I did!”


Barinholtz rolled with it all, telling Stern that he though the method acting was “lame” at first (agreed), but decided he liked that Leto stayed in character. Barinholtz has spoken about Edgy McEdgerton’s method acting hijinks before. He was one of the first co-stars to speak out about the weirdness in a previous Howard Stern interview, where he confirmed the stories about Leto giving Margot Robbie a live rat and giving the rest of the squad a dead pig, then he filled in a few more details about the dead pig story.

For some reason, Barinholtz left out the part of that scene where Leto explained just how tWi$teD the Joker is…

(Via the New Zealand Herald, ONTD, and Julian Peppers)