Jared Leto Says Playing The Joker Changed Him Forever. Damn, That’s Edgy

With Suicide Squad opening in just a couple of days (our reviews here and here), we’re winding down on how many times we have to hear about how edgy (so edgy) Jared Leto is as the Joker. But we can’t help returning to that well after reading what Leto said in a black carpet interview with Screen Rant at the film’s premiere.

“Yeah… [the Joker] changed me forever.” (Via)

“This is a character that… has absolutely no rules. You can do whatever the hell you want to [and] there is no good or bad take. There is no right or wrong answer. [That’s] really really rare and intoxicating.” (Via)


“The character is completely insane [and a] madman with green hair and a great smile. I think the Joker is so much fun. That is what is infectious about [him]… When I got asked to play the joker I didn’t really have a big gregarious laugh personally, so I was a bit terrified. This is a guy who’s laughing, and is laughing in a way that is very unique. So I worked on it, worked on it, worked on it and came up with something that is… very strange, I have to admit.” (Via)


Did you guys hear? Jared Leto is so method. And so edgy. Total edgelord.

(Via Screen Rant, BuzzFeed, and Fark)