Marvel Set Up Grief Counseling Near Comic-Con To Offer Fans Support After ‘Avengers: Infinity War’


WARNING: Pretty obvious spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War ahead

Marvel might not have been present at Comic-Con this weekend with a massive panel in Hall H, but they did show up in San Diego with some surprises. As shared over at i09, Marvel used the event to promote the upcoming home video release for Avengers: Infinity War by offering some “grief counseling” for those left shaken by the events of the film. If “the snap” left you to question the future, what it all means, and wishing you’d had stuck with The Leftovers past season one, Marvel was there for you. They were also on hand with an exclusive deleted scene the rest of us won’t get to see until the Blu Ray release in August.

Paul Bettany did pop in on the event to join in with a #grouphug outside the actual room where the support was given. You can also see the giant Hulk Hands offering their protection for the photo-op. If anybody could use a hug from The Hulk, it is probably Bettany.

As Fandango editor Erik Davis shows off, the grief station offered free donuts and an actual session to get out your feelings. You could also apparently get your hands on these bracelets and t-shirts saying “Spared By Thanos.”

You can wear these proudly because if you’re around, walking around and drinking your chai lattes, then you’re safe. You lived. The rest, not so lucky. Likely deep within the soul stone, questioning what is going on and if someone remembered to turn off the coffee pot.

(Via i09)