‘Deadpool’ Sends A Smelly Congratulations To ‘Wonder Woman’ In Honor Of The Film’s Box Office Success

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Warner Bros.

If you needed proof that Wonder Woman is busting through the glass ceiling at the box office — apart from the revenue, critical praise, and general audience reaction — look no further than the response from her fellow comic book characters who also fought long and hard to find their way to the movie theater. The official Deadpool account posted this fun nod to Wonder Woman on Monday night, keeping the trademark snark intact while saying congratulations to Patty Jenkins, Gal Gadot, and the rest of the Wonder Woman cast and crew.

To be fair, everybody on Paradise Island and around the globe likely smelled pretty bad back in 1918. We’re no strangers to talking about superhero smells either, so it’s not a bad joke. Deadpool does still edge everybody else out with general nastiness. That weird growing baby hand alone is enough. Anyway, this actually makes some sense according to Coming Soon. Wonder Woman just hit $368 million domestically, passing Deadpool with its $363 million. The DC Comics smash is also set to overtake the film worldwide total with another solid weekend, currently standing at $745 million to the Merc with a Mouth’s $783 million.

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