DC’s Jon Berg And Geoff Johns Explain What Didn’t Work In ‘Suicide Squad’ And ‘Batman V Superman’

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06.21.17 6 Comments

Jon Berg and Geoff Johns oversee the film adaptation of DC Comics for Warner, and they were refreshingly candid in an interview with Variety about what has and hasn’t worked in the DCEU. In talking about the success of Wonder Woman, Johns — who is currently working on a sequel with director Patty Jenkins — reiterated his support for a more optimistic DCEU while Berg noted that the previous DCEU films “may have been too dark in parts.” (Probably both figuratively and literally.)

Berg went on to drop some home truths about Suicide Squad and Batman V Superman.

On Suicide Squad, the movie did incredibly well commercially. It didn’t work narratively. You had some great casting and some great characterizations, but where the story fell down was on narrative, on plot. We could do better. Batman V Superman was tonally dark. People didn’t respond to that.

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