100 Gecs Help 3OH!3 Make Their Comeback With The Frenetic Collaboration ‘Lonely Machines’

The height of 3OH!3’s popularity was around 2008, when the single “Don’t Trust Me” became a duo’s first top-10 hit, with their second, the Kesha-featuring “My First Kiss,” following in 2010. The group has periodically put out albums since then, with their most recent, Night Sports, dropping in 2016. Now it’s 2020 and they’re back, joining forces with 100 Gecs for their first new single in four years, Lonely Machines.

The electronic tune opens with lyrics that brings back feelings of 3OH!3’s heyday: “You’re lookin’ cute with that gap in your teeth / Jean jacket with the t-shirt underneath / You tell your boyfriend if he still got beef / That over time, it’s gonna give him heart disease.” 100 Gecs’ Laura Les also offers a distorted verse.

In an interview from August 2019, Les showed love for 3OH!3, saying, “I used to be such a big 3OH!3 fan and then I think for two years maybe, I was like, ‘Man, 3OH!3’s not cool, that’s just whatever.’ And now [I] just went to go see them a few months ago when they came back around. I was like, ‘This is this sh*t, why the f*ck would I ever say that 3OH!3 was not the sickest?’ I think if [1000 Gecs] helps people rediscover some sh*t that they liked at one time and then thought that they didn’t, and they listen to our album and they’re like, ‘Man, I love Skrillex,’ I’m not disappointed with that reaction. If it gives them a reminder that dubstep is cool, then I’m happy with that.”

Listen to “Lonely Machines” above.

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