Alex Cameron Pays Tribute To ‘Third Parents’ And The Role They Play On ‘Stepdad’

So far, the singles from Alex Cameron’s upcoming album Miami Memory have tackled a variety of topics related to love and sex, like sex work on “Far From Born Again” and divorce on… “Divorce.” His latest single approaches yet another subject: “Stepdad” is “an ode to the oft-mocked peripheral parental role,” as press materials put it. The song was inspired by Cameron’s own experience, as he has become a presence in the lives of his girlfriend’s children.

Cameron says of the song, “‘Stepdad’ is an anthem for anybody that’s ever been a stepparent. For anybody that’s welcomed a third parent into their lives. And for anyone who understands romance in the 21st century. The fairytale, like the typical family dynamic, has evolved. Put this song on to remember how it was, and to celebrate why it worked.”

Cameron is clearly feeling confident in the album he’s about to put out, as he said in a recent interview, “I’m really excited. The whole record gets me so gassed up. I’m extremely excited. I’ve got goosebumps when I’m rehearsing the songs. With my energy, I’m very much invested in this album, not only meaning-wise, but the recordings are hot. It’s the first time I’ve ever felt like the recordings are as good as the songs.”

Listen to “Stepdad” above.

Miami Memory is out 9/13 via Secretly Canadian. Pre-order it here.