Alex Lahey Releases The Noisy Track ‘Sucker For Punishment’ And Announces A West Coast Tour

Australian rocker Alex Lahey released her sophomore album, The Best Of Luck Club, in 2019. But the singer is back for more in 2020. Lahey debuted the blown-out track “Sucker For Punishment” while announcing that she’s heading to the States to play a handful of shows on the West Coast.

“Sucker For Punishment” marks a departure from Lahey’s latest record, with grunge-inspired guitar chords, crashing cymbals, and her fuzzy vocal delivery crafting a distinct haziness. In a statement, Lahey said the song’s lyrics pull inspiration from her perceived global laissez-faire attitudes towards climate change and other contemporary issues.

“We’re living in an era where the micro has become the macro. I don’t think there has ever been a time where our actions and attitudes as individuals have had such an impact on broader humanity and the planet. Whether it’s a ‘think about it later’ attitude towards climate change, the undemocratic consequences of sharing personal data to big business online, a lethargicness in the face of political engagement or the need to be validated as a worthwhile individual through obtaining arbitrary units of engagement on social media – we need to catch ourselves out before we suffer greater consequences.”

Listen to “Sucker For Punishment” above and check out Lahey’s West Coast tour dates below.

05/30 — San Diego, CA @ Casbah
05/31 — Costa Mesa, CA @ The Wayfarer
06/01 — Los Angeles, CA @ Moroccan Lounge
06/03 — San Jose, CA @ The Ritz
06/05 — Oakland, CA @ Starline Social Club Crystal Cavern
06/06 — Sacramento, CA @ The Starlet Room at Harlow’s
06/08 — Portland, OR @ Mississippi Studios
06/09 — Seattle, WA @ Barboza