Bob Saget Ends His Strange Feud With Car Seat Headrest And People Are Confused

Actor and comedian Bob Saget became a trending topic on Twitter today after apologizing for blocking people on Twitter. Some music fans were surprised to find, though, that Saget tagged Car Seat Headrest in his tweet, writing, “Apologies to all the people I’ve blocked over the years. Just can only let positive stuff in. If I could block myself I would. And sending @carseatheadrest my very best.”

This isn’t as random as it may seem. Back when Car Seat Headrest was a Bandcamp favorite and not yet a broader indie mainstay, he released an album called 4 (11 years ago today, on August 16, 2010). One of the songs is titled “The Ghost Of Bob Sagat,” and it features some explicit lyrics about Sagat. The song begins, for example, “Last night, I was haunted by the ghost of Bob Saget / He said, ‘You’re more or less than just a f*****’ / So I put on a dress and followed him to Heaven / But first, I gave him a blowjob outside the 7-Eleven.”

In his response to Sagat today, Toledo explained the origins of the song, saying, “Bob, you were in a comic my friend @partydogge wrote a while ago! From there, it became a whole thing.” Indeed, the comic, Asscastle (which has some NSFW content), features the ghost of Sagat, much like the Car Seat Headrest song. The artist behind the comic, Cate Wurtz, also designed the cover art for 4.

It appears Car Seat Headrest and Wurtz fans were talking about the song and comic on Twitter in recent days, and Saget apparently started blocking a lot of those people, which led to increased attention and harassment towards Saget. Saget also appears to have messaged some users asking them to be nicer. It would seem this situation snowballed enough that Saget felt compelled to address it more widely with his apology tweet.

Check out some tweets about the situation below.