Carrie Underwood Left Fans Distraught And Upset After They Noticed She Liked An Anti-Mask Tweet

Despite the clear and very obvious risks that surround COVID as it continues to spread throughout the country, there are a number of notable individuals who have taken a stance against masks. One of them is Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who recently tested positive for COVID-19. Last month, he used an executive order to ban the use of mask mandates across the state. An appeals court later issued a temporary restraining order that stopped Abbott from continuing the ban. And now Carrie Underwood is against them, too.

A fan of the country singer noticed that Underwood liked a tweet that displayed a clip of Matt Walsh, a prominent right-wing leader, speaking to the Nashville School Board. The video shows Walsh talking about “the cruel and indefensible mask mandate for children.” People were shocked at Underwood’s decision to like the post, and they did not hold back with their reactions. The interaction ushered a laundry list of responses from people on social media, with some making puns out her song titles and others referencing her time on American Idol in their posts.

You can scroll through it all in the tweets below and check out the tweet that started it above.