Clairo Gets Real About Mental Health During The Pandemic On ‘Just For Today’

Clairo has been more open than most musicians about mental health and the toll hers sometimes takes on her. She shared more about that on Instagram last night with a new song, “Just For Today.”

Posting the lo-fi acoustic track on Instagram, Clairo wrote, “not sure about you, but my mental health has taken a major dip since quarantine started- at times I feel like i’ve never felt worse. new medication, hotlines, and one scheduled appointment with a psychiatrist later and i’m feeling more like myself again. I wrote this last night and i feel there’s no real reason I should hold onto it. Hope you enjoy the song and Joanie’s squeaks. thank you.”

Alongside the phone number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800-273-8255), Clairo also shared the song’s lyrics. Clairo’s words are especially personal here, with lyrics like, “I blocked out the month of February for support / At least I have this year I won’t be worrying anyone on tour / As we speak, I’m here to meet devils for tea, peering ’round the corner of my life / I throw my drink in the face of my demise.”

Listen to “Just For Today” above.

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