Clairo Is Heartwarmingly Thrilled To Have A Song On The Hot 100 Chart For The First Time

Earlier this year, Drake became the artist to have the most songs to ever rank on the Billboard Hot 100 chart; He has well over 200 at this point. The rapper has been such a constant presence on the chart that having a song place on it probably doesn’t elevate his heart rate these days. He was probably beyond excited years ago when he had a song place on the chart for the first time, though. That’s the position Clairo is in now: On the Hot 100 chart dated October 24, “Sofia,” which she released as a single back in July of 2019, just made the cut and debuted in the No. 98 spot.

Having a song rank on the Hot 100 is a thrill most musicians don’t ever get to experience, especially ones as young as 22-year-old Clairo. Naturally, then, she was excited to learn about her accomplishment.

Yesterday, a Clairo fan account on Twitter reported the song would likely place on the chart, to which Clairo replied, “????????.” Sure enough, the @billboardcharts Twitter account reported that “Sofia” made its No. 98 debut, and Clairo responded, “holy f*ck,” later adding, “wow !!!!!,” and, “thank you so much.”

She also got a congratulatory message from collaborator Rostam, who wrote, “this is wild and pretty cool — proud of us, @clairo.” She replied with a bunch of watery-eyed emojis.

This chart placement comes after “Sofia” has received increased attention on the radio lately, which Clairo acknowledged by tweeting over the weekend, “can’t believe ‘sofia’ has been playing on the radio. thank you to everyone who’s been playing/listening wooooow ahahawhdh.”

Give “Sofia” a spin below, and revisit our review of Immunity here.