Streaming Platforms Apparently Won’t Let Coldplay Put Emojis In Their Song Titles

As part of the rollout of Coldplay’s new era, they have introduced a new written language. Furthermore, it appears that’s not the only way the group is trying to get creative with their presentation: They want to use emojis as song titles, but it seems streaming services aren’t on board with that.

During a recent appearance on Radio X’s The Chris Moyles Show, the titular host asked the band’s Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland if he could get some information that nobody else knows, and Martin responded:

“I’ll give you something, Chris. We’re trying to figure this out right now: We’re trying to have the first album ever with some tracks that are just called emojis, but it’s proving tricky because of all the service providers. Some of them say, ‘We can’t do that.’ You literally have ten million songs in one box. Let us have a picture of an apple for a song or something like that. So that’s in negotiation.”

The help site for DistroKid, a platform that allows artists to put their music on streaming services, has a page about songs not being accepted on streaming services due to title formatting issues. The list of issues that prevent a song from being accepted includes things like “strange things in parenthesis” and “odd punctuation.” The page says nothing about emojis, but if the aforementioned title elements are prohibited, then it would stand to reason that emojis are also a no-go.

Perhaps this song title situation is the reason why Coldplay hasn’t yet officially announced a new album. In another recent interview, Martin did everything but confirm an album is on the way, saying, “We’re not supposed to say, but there won’t not be one.”

Check out the full Radio X interview above.

Coldplay is a Warner Music artist. .