Fana Hues’ ‘Pieces’ Showcases A Unique, Wavy Force In R&B

There’s a memorable turn in Tyler The Creator’s Call Me When You Get Lost, when the album flips to the nearly ten minute “Sweet / I Thought You Wanted To Dance.” It’s clear how much fun Tyler is having fun on the record and it’s symbolic of the creative peak he’s been riding for the past three years. Brent Fayiaz spits a verse, but there’s this angelic singer stitched through the track giving it the sweetest R&B lean of any moment on the record. It’s Fana Hues (pronounced “fawn-ah”) and hers is the last voice we hear, singing, “So don’t forget about me, I’ll save a dance just for you…”

It’s a lovely moment for the Pasadena native, who’s been building on her own in the meantime, with last year’s excellent project Hues and now with the first taste of what’s to come in the new video for the magnificent “Pieces.” The dimly lit visual establishes her as a benevolent diva of sorts and a flat out magnetic singer. Directed by Phillip Youmans, the clip takes us through a showcase of the bizarre, but nothing lingers more than Hues and her tears of gold at the end.

Signed to indie label Bright Antenna, Hues is a unique emerging force. “Pieces” is a masterful showcase of the wavy R&B that she creates. It’s intriguing music and an approach that she reflected upon in a statement: “I want to capture all the different shades of one idea.”

Watch the video for “Pieces” above.