Finn Wolfhard’s New Band, The Aubreys, Show Affection To Their ‘Loved Ones’ In An Energetic Video

At just 17-years-old, Finn Wolfhard can already boast three seasons of a hit TV show and a touring band on his resume. Wolfhard’s former group, the quartet Calpurnia, parted ways last summer due to life changes, but the actor and musician didn’t waste much time before forming another group. Wolfhard’s newest effort, The Aubreys, is a duo with Calpurnia’s former drummer Malcolm Craig, who he befriended on set at Pup’s “Guilt Trip” video. Now a bonafide band, The Aubreys have shared a video to the earnest track “Loved Ones.”

The Aubreys called upon their friends from far and wide to feature in the “Loved Ones” video. Compiled from energetic selfie videos recorded on phones, the “Loved Ones” video features friends in Chicago bands like Whitney, Lala Lala, and Ohmme.

“Loved Ones” arrives on The Aubreys’ debut EP, Soda & Pie. While the duo only has three songs released, The Aubreys plan on carving out time this year to record a full-length effort in the coming months.

In a recent interview with Uproxx, Wolfhard detailed how The Aubreys came to be: “I started jamming with Malcolm when I was eleven, so we’ve known each other for a long time,” Wolfhard said. “When we’re playing, it’s a little telepathic, just because we know each other’s quirks and music and what we do.”

Watch The Aubreys’ “Loved Ones” video above.

Soda & Pie is out now via Kobalt. Get it here.