Fleet Foxes Take To A Church For The Lovely ‘I’m Not My Season’ Performance Video

In 2020, Fleet Foxes dropped Shore, which was their first new album in a few years. The record is only a few months old, so there’s still plenty of promoting to do, which the group did today with a new video for “I’m Not My Season.”

The visual isn’t for the studio version of the song, but instead for the performance of the song that Pecknold gave at St. Ann & The Holy Trinity Church in Brooklyn, as part of the “A Very Lonely Solstice Livestream” in December. The gorgeous visual was directed by Pecknold’s brother Sean Pecknold, and it shows Pecknold playing the song in the lovely space.

Pecknold previously told Apple Music of the song, “A friend of mine had been telling me about her experience helping a family member with addiction. As she was describing that, I was imagining this sailing lesson I had taken where we were learning how to rescue someone who had fallen overboard and you have to circle the boat around the right way and throw the ropes from the right place. Time is just something that’s happening around us, but there’s some kind of core idea that you’re not what’s happening to you. Like wind on a flag.”

Watch the “I’m Not My Season” video above.