Foo Fighters Performed Alongside Giant Mascot Characters During A Private Corporate Concert

Dave Grohl has had a lot of fascinating experiences in his life, so many so that he’s chronicling them in a new memoir, The Storyteller. Unfortunately, a particularly peculiar incident isn’t going to make the book, because it just happened a couple days ago: Foo Fighters performed with a bunch of gigantic mascot characters on stage.

On September 21, San Francisco tech company Salesforce started its three-day Dreamforce conference, and Grohl and company played an 11-song set for those in attendance. All the while, the band was joined by three of the company’s mascots (as portrayed by people in gigantic costumes): Astro, Einstein, and Ruth.

During the show, Grohl both admired the characters’ enthusiasm while expressing concern for their well-being given the warm day. Between songs, he said, “I’m going to break it down, because I know you’re f*cking dying in that suit right now. Einstein, are you okay?” He late added, “Just when I thought life couldn’t get any f*cking weirder. You need to chill f*ck out, Einstein. You’re going too hard, brother.”

This performance is arguably almost as strange as the anxiety dreams Grohl recent said he has about playing concerts: “I’ve always had these live-performance anxiety dreams. They’re usually Nirvana-related. Like, Kurt’s still alive and we’re doing a show, and I’m so excited that people get to see this once again. And I walk onstage and my drumsticks are the size of telephone poles. And then the audience just kind of begins to scatter.”

Check out some footage of the concert below.