Glaive Previews A New EP With The Alt-Pop Single ‘I Wanna Slam My Head Against The Wall’

Glaive only started making music shortly before the pandemic began, but the 16-year-old has already found an audience and is already firmly established as an up-and-comer. He released his debut EP, Cypress Grove, last year, and now another one is on the way, as All Dogs Go To Heaven is set for release at some point this spring.

Now we have the first taste of that effort, “I Wanna Slam My Head Against The Wall.” Glaive’s songs are often upbeat and over in just a couple minutes (or less), and while the new song isn’t lacking in Glaive’s characteristic energy, it’s a relatively mellow effort.

Glaive recently discussed how he got started making music, saying, “The main thing at the beginning was being bored. I’ve only been doing this for eight months, a little before quarantine started. It was a good way of getting out emotions instead of being friggin’ sad all the time.” He also noted of his North Carolina home, “If I didn’t live here, I probably wouldn’t love nature as much as I do. But now I’ve fallen in love with the landscape — forests, open fields, just being outside in general. A lot of my songs are trying to recreate that nature-y feel, too.”

Meanwhile, Glaive recently got some attention from one of his music idols. In an Instagram story, he replied to a question about an artist he’d like to work with, saying, “my dream collaboration is avril lavigne I need that 2 happen.” Lavigne herself responded to the story, writing, “Who is that person.” Glaive was over the moon, responding to Lavigne, “holy crap,” and, “I am like your biggest fan.” He shared a screenshot of that DM on Twitter and wrote, “my heart skipped a beat holy sh*t.”

Watch the “I Wanna Slam My Head Against The Wall” video above.