Grimes Thinks She Blew Her Chance At Getting An ‘SNL’ Performance Thanks To A ‘Famously Horrific’ Concert

Saturday Night Live has a varied and colorful history of musical guests that have appeared on the show over the decades. Somebody who isn’t a part of that history, though, is Grimes, as she has yet to perform on the show. It looks like she’s not so sure it will ever happen for her, as she seems to think she blew her shot at getting on the long-running program.

With Elon Musk set to host an upcoming episode of the show, Grimes fans have fantasized about how fun it would be if she was the episode’s musical guest. That prompted a story from Grimes (who is fresh off getting a gigantic back tattoo) about a time a person from the show in charge of booking musical guests (Brian Siedlecki and Lindsay Shookus have that responsibility as of 2018) went to one of her concerts, which was unfortunately a particularly bad performance. Grimes tweeted, “The music booker from SNL came to my show once but I literally concussed myself in the first ten mins of the show, blacked out and played a famously horrific set that I have no memory of and I think the booker thinks im the worst live act ever haha but kinda funny anecdote.”

Grimes fans have been met with good news recently, however, as Grimes revealed towards the start of the year that she was wrapping up work on some new music.