Gus Dapperton Collaborates With Channel Tres On A New Version Of ‘Orca’ Standout ‘Palms’

Gus Dapperton spent a good chunk of 2020 promoting a new album, Orca. There seems to be some unfinished business on the Orca front, though, as Dapperton has now returned with a new version of “Palms.” This version, titled “Palms (With Channel Tres),” features (drum roll, please) Channel Tres.

Dapperton says of the track, “I’m a huge fan of Channel and thought he would sound perfect on ‘Palms.’ I was so excited when he said he was down to do it and even more excited when I heard what his verse was sounding like. We met a while back at one of his shows and had a fun time hanging afterwards. So glad it’s come full circle.”

Dapperton and Tres also linked up on this month’s edition of Dapperton’s monthly “Cumulonimbus” Spotify playlist, which features a selection of hand-picked songs from both artists.

In a recent interview, Dapperton told Uproxx that Orca is about “feeling trapped, depressed, and having these people and unconditional forces of love in your life that reel you back in” and also noted, “When I’m feeling depressed and lost in the world, there’s not many things that help me. Therapy doesn’t help me very much. But putting it into the music is very therapeutic for me.”

Listen to “Palms With Channel Tres” above.