Hayley Williams Says The Recent Allegations Of Sexual Assault In Music Makes Her ‘Stomach Hurt’

Burger Records issued a statement Monday evening after several sexual abuse allegations were made against the label and band members on their roster. The label announced the president and co-founder would immediately step down and detailed their plans to create the female-focused imprint BRGRRRL. Many in the indie rock scene have publically condemned the label following the allegations and Hayley Williams has now offered her own statement about the prevalence of toxic behavior in the industry.

In a call to action on social media, Williams said the recent allegations make her “stomach hurt:”

“It makes my stomach hurt and my eyes red. It’s so crazy to me how frontwomxn can be such powerful inspiration to so many young people, who see us as very much ‘in control’ of ourselves and our immediate surroundings when we’re up on a stage. I know that the ‘powerful’ feeling, for me, is real — I do feel that empowerment, which transcends any notion of gender: the freedom of being so much more than the sum of my literal parts — when I am on stage.”

The singer added that men in the industry are wrapped up in the “toxicity” of the culture even if they aren’t aware of it: “And the dudes in the bands? Well, they are most definitely vulnerable too and unfortunately — whether consciously or not — wrapped up in the toxicity of a culture that this existed long before most of us became a factor in it. It is inexcusable and there isn’t any way to change it except for to call it out and cut it out.”

Williams concluded her statement by praising the victims who were brave enough to share their stories and called upon those in music to reflect on their own actions: “I’m so proud of my peers who have recently unburdened themselves of the secrets the kept for fear of shame or blame. I stand with them to help further our collective cause: to protect women and young folk in the music scene. […] Search your heart that you are doing all you can to recognize sexism and misogyny – even in it’s most diluted forms – in our music scenes.”

Read Williams’ full statement above.

Hayley Williams is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.