Indiecast’s New Mailbag Episode Takes On CDs, Emo, And Jeff Mangum’s Icon Status

On the new episode of Indiecast, Steven Hyden and Ian Cohen are once again taking questions from listeners. This week, one listener was interested in exploring the place of CDs in the modern music industry, both in terms of audio quality, as well as the best method of listening. The result is a spirited conversation about how CDs compare in quality to that of streaming and vinyl, and the sense of ownership that comes with holding in your hand a physical manifestation of music. Is there anything quite like gathering a stack of CDs to take on a road trip?

Of course, an episode of Indiecast wouldn’t be complete without a chance for Cohen to sing his praises about emo bands, this week focusing on Ground Aswim, the latest from Sinai Vessel. The record hasn’t been getting much mainstream attention this year, which begs the question of what it really means for an album to be “slept on” in 2020.

In this week’s Recommendation Corner, Cohen is recommending new albums from Soul Glo and Record Setter, while Hyden can’t get enough of the latest from David Nance.

New episodes of Indiecast drop every Friday. Listen to Episode 16 below and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts here. Stay up to date and follow us on Instagram and Twitter.

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