Jensen McRae Announces Her Upcoming Debut EP ‘Who Hurt You’

Jensen McRae never expected her career to take off when she tweeted out a video of her impersonating Phoebe Bridgers singing about being vaccinated, but she ended up going viral. The song eventually became her track “Immune,” a clip of which was retweeted by Bridgers herself. Though McRae had already gained attention for her earlier music, the spoof cover gave her artistry a healthy boost, and now, the singer is gearing up for her debut project.

McRae returned Wednesday to officially announce her upcoming EP Who Hurt You, which arrives June 22. Who Hurt You will serve as an introduction to the 23-year-old’s sound, which expertly combines elements of dream pop and indie-folk with affecting lyricism.

Further describing her sound, McRae previously spoke with Uproxx about her musical influences. The singer noted how she hopes to serve as an inspiration with her politically conscious and honest music:

“I feel like the point of my music is to provide another example of Black womanhood and Black female existence in the world,” she shares when asked about the socially and politically conscious nature of her music. “I think even in my music where I talk about thing`s that are not directly related to my demographic identity, it informs the work I do anyway. When I talk about mental health and unrequited love and adolescence, and in addition, political issues, I feel like my perspective as this person who is at the intersection of a few different marginalized identities comes through always.”

Check out McRae’s Who Hurt You cover art below.

Photo by Jeannie Sui

Who Hurt You is out 6/22 via Human Re Sources. Pre-order it here.

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