Kelly Lee Owens’ Ethereal Track ‘Unity’ Is The Official FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Theme Song

Acclaimed electro-pop producer Kelly Lee Owens is currently commemorating the release of her 2020 album Inner Song with a cross-country tour, but now, she has another reason to celebrate. Owens was tapped by FIFA to pen the official theme song for the 2023 Women’s World Cup, which is slated to take place in Australia and New Zealand. The project resulted in her euphoric track “Unity,” promoted by both Owens and FIFA on Thursday.

The fully-instrumental track shows what Owens does best, combining ethereal soundscapes with her wistful and airy voice. The release of “Unity” also coincides with the announcement of FIFA’s official slogan for the upcoming Women’s World Cup, “Beyond Greatness.”

Speaking about the new song, Owens shared her excitement about the opportunity. “I’m thrilled to share with you all today my new single ‘Unity,” she wrote on social media. “Written especially for the @FIFAwomensworldcup that will be held in Australia and New Zealand in 2023. ‘Unity’ is a song that I put everything I had into it – rising arpeggios, rising basslines…. It’s led with my voice, but I wanted the sense of community brought in with choirs.” Owens continued, “Our values were completely aligned. They [FIFA] kept using the word epic and I just took that and ran with it and made it as epic and bold as I could.”

Listen to “Unity” and hear it in FIFA’s commercial for the Women’s World Cup 2023 above.