Liam Gallagher Hilariously Mixed Up Greta Van Fleet And Greta Thunberg

Rock band Greta Van Fleet has a new album, The Battle At Garden’s Gate, coming out on Friday. Environmental activist Greta Thunberg does not have an album dropping this week. Somebody should tell that to Liam Gallagher, as he seems to have gotten the two confused.

A few days ago, somebody tweeted at the former Oasis member, asking, “Are you excited for Greta Van Fleet’s new album to come out on Friday?” He responded, “She’s amazing I love her work esp for climate change.”

It’s entirely possible Gallagher was joking, of course. If he genuinely thought that Greta Van Fleet was Thunberg, though, then it’s a hilarious misunderstanding. That said, it wouldn’t actually be that outlandish for Gallagher to think that Thunberg is releasing an album, really, as she’s not a stranger to recorded music: Last year, she featured on The 1975’s self-titled song from the album Notes On A Conditional Form, on which she speaks about the state of the planet.

Gallagher’s tweet came on a day when he was particularly active in responding to fans on Twitter. For example, one person asked, “how does it feel knowing that more than 1 billion people have heard your voice sing wonderwall?” He came back with a cheeky response: “I feel happy for them.”

The Battle At Garden’s Gate is out 4/16 via Lava/Republic. Pre-order it here.