Lord Huron Chronicle The Journey Of A Mysterious Visitor In Their ‘Love Me Like You Used To’ Video

A few years after 2018’s Vide Noir, Lord Huron returned with their fourth album, Long Lost, in May. It’s an album full of captivating tunes, including “Love Me Like You Used To,” for which the group just shared a new video. The clip follows a mysterious visitor to the Whispering Pines Museum, whose purpose eventually becomes clear.

In a May interview, Ben Schneider said of the inspiration behind the album, “We’ve been working in our studio, Whispering Pines, for about seven years now, made the past three records there, and become more of a center piece of the band. […] It’s been there since the ’70s. There’s some info about it, but it’s a little sketchy, so we kinda… It’s a very haunted feel, it’s very stuck in a time warp. The decor is all the original stuff from the ’70s, and we had to replace a lot of the electronics and equipment, but it has this very haunted, trapped-in-time feel. So, we’ve invented characters that we imagine haunting it, or people who have passed through in the past, and writing from their perspective became the concept of the album.”

Watch the “Love Me Like You Used To” video above.

Long Lost is out now via Whispering Pine Studios Inc./Republic Records. Get it here.