Maggie Rogers Shows Support For The US Postal Service Through Her Web Store

The coronavirus pandemic has been tough for a lot of industries, and that includes shipping. The US Postal Service, for example, expects to run out of money by the end of 2021 unless Congress steps in with some sort of reform. In April, Donald Trump issued an executive order that called for a review of USPS, which perhaps has something to do with a beef with Amazon.

Whatever the case may be, USPS is in a time of need, and Maggie Rogers is doing her part to help.

A fan of Rogers’ noticed something when making an order on Rogers’ website, tweeting, “When going to order Heard It In a Pastlife, I literally cried the happiest tears of hope. @maggierogers is supporting the @USPS by offering them as a her ONLY shipping method! She is in control of her music and this is such a powerful statement!!” Sharing the tweet, Rogers added, “USPS forever,” along with a red heart emoji.

The US Postal Service is an essential service for a lot of musicians and music retailers. Pitchfork noted in an April feature that Media Mail service is a key inexpensive option that allows independent artists to send CDs and records without breaking the bank. The publication quotes Jim Henderson, co-owner of California independent chain Amoeba Music, as saying, “Not having access to the USPS would certainly eliminate our ability to continue the free shipping offer, as alternate shipping options are dramatically more expensive and cumbersome to navigate, and would likely shut down the commerce part of our site entirely.”

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