Manchester Orchestra Share A Moving, One-Shot Video For The Tender ‘Telepath’

Manchester Orchestra are dropping their anticipated new album, The Million Masks Of God, this week, and today, they’ve offered their final advance preview of it with “Telepath.” The track takes a gentler direction that previous singles, and the video — directed by Isaac Deitz and conceptualized by the band’s Andy Hull — is one long tracking shot that follows a couple from their young years to much later on in their life together.

Hull says of the song, “‘Telepath’ is ultimately about the ebb and flow of life long commitment to another person. Recognizing that even the best relationships in our lives can have extreme ups and downs. At the end of the day, it’s those that we have chosen to love and, more importantly, those that have chosen to love us that truly matter. This is my attempt to further commit for the long haul.”

Hull recently told Uproxx of the band’s upcoming album, “We knew we really wanted from the beginning for it to be all connected in a similar way as Black Mile, but more thought out, and allowing the songs to fold in on each other. And having repeated melodies and phrases that, at the end of the second song, is the same melody and lyrical nod to the fifth song. That happens all over the record. Throwing out the rule book that we had made for ourselves about even what a song can be. It’s been a really difficult record to pick a single and pick songs to play for people, because I do feel like it’s best served as a whole thing. The album’s the song.”

Watch the “Telepath” video above.

The Million Masks Of God is out 4/30 via Loma Vista Recordings. Pre-order it here.