Matty Healy Called Out A Venue’s Security While Performing With An Auto-Tune Mic

Since kicking off their ‘At Their Very Best Tour,’ The 1975 and their lead vocalist Matty Healy have gone viral several times. During their Madison Square Garden show, Healy ate raw meat on stage, while shirtless. At their DC stop, Healy once again went viral after shouting out Gen-Z congressman Maxwell Alejandro Frost. And at several stops, Healy has kissed fans as the band performed “Robbers” from the self-titled debut album.

During their Phoenix show this past Wednesday (November 23), Healy called out security guards for apparently standing by as someone had fallen down.

The incident took place as the band was performing “I Like America & America Likes Me” from their 2018 album, A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships. For this particular song, Healy traditionally sings with a microphone programmed with Auto-Tune settings, to imitate a sound popularized by Roger Troutman, Cher, and T-Pain.

In the middle of the performance, someone had fallen down. Healy called for security to help the fan out, while the microphone still had the vocal effect settings in place.

“Someone’s fallen down over there, go and f*cking sort them out,” he said. “Stop standing there like a bunch of d*ckheads.”

A fan captured the moment and shared it to TikTok.

Check out the clip above.