Gen-Z Congressman-Elect Maxwell Frost Received A Shoutout From Matty Healy Of The 1975

It’s been a hell of a week for congressman-elect Maxwell Frost. This past Tuesday (November 8), Frost was elected in Florida’s 10th congressional district in the US midterm elections, making him the first Gen-Z person in history to be elected to congress. To celebrate, he attended the DC show of his favorite band, The 1975, on Thursday. During the show, the band’s lead singer, Matty Healy, shouted out Frost onstage.

“Unfortunately I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting this person today because I thought I had COVID,” said Healy to the crowd. “but there’s a genuinely young man here, a 25-year-old man, Maxwell Frost… I hope I didn’t get his name wrong. Is he up there? Where is he? Is he gone? Is he in the toilet? He’s gone for a piss.”

When Healy finally spotted Frost in the crowd, he continued, saying, “That man right there is a 25-year-old who just made his way to Congress, and I think it’s about damn time that we have some 1975 fandom representation in Congress!”

It’s clear this was a life-changing experience for Frost. Following the show, Frost took to Twitter to reel over the performance.

“The band is definitely at their best right now. The show’s arch, set list, design, and performance were all spectacular. 10/10 recommend.”

Check out a clip from the show above