Melody’s Echo Chamber Announces A Long-Awaited New Album And Shares The Groovy ‘Looking Backward’

Melody’s Echo Chamber (aka Melody Prochet) established herself as a psychedelic favorite with her 2012 self-titled debut album, but unfortunately, albums have been few and far between since then. She followed it up with 2018’s Bon Voyage and that’s her most recently released album. Thankfully, a new one is on the way, as today, she announced Emotional Eternal, which is set for release on April 29. She also shared a video for “Looking Backward” today, a spacey and groove-driven single.

Press materials describe the album as “a glorious consolidation of the lessons learned along the way, seen through the eyes of someone who has taken a step back, and who can see clearly as a result.” Prochet also says of the new song, “‘Looking Backward’ is a vivid, nonchalant, poetic march to the Unknown. I wrote the lyrics on my way to Stockholm, in transit at the airport, there was a man creating light reflections with his watch and playing with light on the floors and walls. It felt like an act coming from a source of pure creativity, it made me happy to catch it and inspired me to write the song.”

Director Hyoyon Paik also noted of the video, “It was a truly joyful experience to tap into Melody’s world and use my CGI skill to visualize it. This piece demonstrates how artists can utilize digital avatars and CGI to deliver a grander and more immersive narrative in this exciting time, where the digital world and reality are integrated more than ever before.”

Watch the “Looking Backward” video above and find the Emotional Eternal art and tracklist below.

Melody's Echo Chamber Emotional Eternal
Domino Records

1. “Emotional Eternal”
2. “Looking Backward”
3. “Pyramids In The Clouds”
4. “The Hypnotist”
5. “Personal Message”
6. “Where The Water Clears The Illusion”
7. “A Slow Dawning Of Peace”
8. “Alma_The Voyage”

Emotional Eternal is out 4/29 via Domino. Pre-order it here.