Indie Mixtape 20 Holiday Edition: Michelle Want More Time With Friends In 2021

New York City collective Michelle stormed onto the indie scene earlier this year with their infectious and joyful single “Sunrise,” which featured prominently on all of my playlists this summer. Now, the group is working on their new LP, which promises electric verse-trading and an unique blend of elements of hip-hop, indie pop, and R&B.

To celebrate the holiday season, the group’s six members sat down to talk Die Hard, their love-hate relationship with snow, and more in the latest Indie Mixtape 20 Q&A.

What’s the best holiday gift you’ve ever received?

Julian Kaufman: A hug.

Layla Ku: A letter from Julian.

What is your earliest holiday memory?

Emma Lee: loud room, good smells, orange sweater.

What’s on your wish list for this year?

JK: A covid vaccine.

LK: Some semblance of what once was.

What holiday song can you not resist singing along to?

JK: “Let It Snow”

EL: “IIIIII don’t want a lot for Christma….” come on.

LK: Seconded. There is only one right answer to this question.

What’s the holiday song you wish you could zap out of existence?

Jamee Lockard: “Last Christmas”

What is your strangest holiday tradition?

EL: taping a drawing of an xmas tree on the wall in lieu of a tree.

What album makes for the perfect gift?

LK: Vince Guaraldi Trio: A Charlie Brown Christmas

Thoughts on snow?

JK: It’s great.

LK: It’s great and it sucks.

Charlie Kilgore: It’s great for the first day and a half, but it all goes downhill once the rock-hard, dirt-colored slush starts piling up.

What holiday movie can you not resist watching when it’s on TV?

JL: How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

Sofia D’Angelo: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (1964)

LK: Elf

Marry, F*ck, Kill: Santa, Thanksgiving Turkey, Hanukkah Harry.

EL: what

LK sus…

CK: F*ck Hanukkah Harry, marry the turkey, kill Santa for exploitation of elf labor.

What’s the one food you need on your Thanksgiving table?

JL: Stuffing!

Where’s the most interesting place you’ve ever spent the holidays?

JL: I spent last Thanksgiving in the Ecuadorian cloud forest

You decide to blow off the holidays and travel instead. Where are you going?

EL: I tell people I’m traveling and then I stay inside and learn how to make different soups. Or maybe it’s a one way ticket to Berlin.

LK: South of France.

If the holidays are a time for giving, what’s the charity you’d like to big up for the season?

JL: The Loveland Foundation!

What’s your favorite holiday drink?

SD: Hot chocolate. The only thing that cures the winter depression.

Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

JK: No, but it could be.

CK: Absolutely.

LK: Is Fast and Furious?

How early is too early to decorate for the holiday season?

JK: October because it’s still ~spooky season~ but anytime in November is fair game.

SD: Holiday season begins December 1.

LK: Holiday season begins when the serotonin starts running low. So all year for me.

What’s your ideal way to spend New Years Eve?

EL: subway surfing till you find your place, ending the night having sweat glitter.

LK: Spending it somewhere you weren’t expecting to be, but happy to have ended up at.

As the year ends, how are you going to remember 2020?

LK: as a year of pain and magic and lots of learning.

CK: I’m not.

LK: What’s 2020?

The ball is dropping. What are you wishing for in the new year?

SD: More time with friends.

Listen to “Unbound” and “Sunrise” here.

Michelle is a Warner Music artist. .