Modest Mouse Preview Their New Album With The Jaunty ‘The Sun Hasn’t Left Yet’

We are now only a week from The Golden Casket, which will be Modest Mouse’s first album in six years, following 2015’s Strangers To Ourselves. Ahead of the June 25 release, the band has shared what will presumably be the final pre-album single, “The Sun Hasn’t Left Yet.” It’s a jaunty, upbeat tune that almost sounds like a children’s song at times with its lighthearted instrumentation.

Isaac Brock recently spoke with Uproxx’s Steven Hyden about the album, saying, “I wanted to make sure I didn’t accidentally make the same record again. It’s better to not put out many records and make them all feel a bit different. I try to be very aware of whether I’m doing the same thing, or doing something too close to another thing. My canon of information — what songs are out there, not just Modest Mouse songs, but just songs in the world — I know about a lot more songs. I just remembered a song I was super psyched on with Jacknife Lee last week. I was playing the kettle drum. And I get done and I’m listening to it and I’m like, ‘This is f*cking strange. It sounds like The Simpsons theme song.’ And so I’m aware that I can’t cover songs by accident. I’m also aware that I don’t want to accidentally cover my songs.”

Listen to “The Sun Hasn’t Left” above and check out our interview with Brock here.

The Golden Casket is out 6/25 via Epic Records. Pre-order it here.