Clairo Sings On Mura Masa’s Warped Indie Single ‘I Don’t Think I Can Do This Again’

Clairo’s recently released debut album Immunity is one of the year’s finest indie albums, and now there’s good news for Clairo fans who can’t get enough. Mura Masa just shared a fascinating new single called “I Don’t Think I Can Do This Again,” and Clairo handles lead vocal duties on the track. The song begins sounding like an uplifting indie-rock single until the chorus kicks in, which shifts things into territory that’s more grungy and electronic-influenced.

Mura Masa says of the song, “This is the beginning of rolling out a new direction for Mura Masa, which has a much heavier focus on band and guitar music. Punk and new wave is the music I grew up playing so it feels like an exciting return for me. I’m thrilled to debut this new sound with one of indie music’s most exciting and talented songwriting newcomers in Clairo. To me, this is the zeitgeist of the next year in music; a new type of band.”

Clairo also tweeted of the track ahead of its release, “this mura masa song is a really special one for me. i’ve been a fan of his for years- but working together, hearing his ideas and seeing this song come to life was a whole other beautiful experience i was lucky to be a part of. comes out wednesday let’s go ! also these lyrics are some of my favorite so there’s that.”

Watch the video for “I Don’t Think I Can Do This Again” above, and read our review of Clairo’s Immunity here.