Orville Peck And Shania Twain Sing A Dive Bar Duet Of ‘Legends Never Die’ On ‘The Tonight Show’

Infamously masked queer country singer Orville Peck has been turning heads ever since his 2019 breakout debut Show Pony. Since the record’s release, Peck has continued to captivate audiences through lonesome videos and heartfelt tributes. Now, the singer has teamed up with the iconic star Shania Twain to give a rendition of their collaborative track “Legends Never Die” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Much of late-night television is still virtual, though Fallon and his team are back in their studio. For the performance, Twain and Peck took over a country dive bar in bedazzled outfits to croon their soaring collaboration, which arrives on Peck’s recently-released six-track effort Show Pony.

Ahead of his late-night appearance, Peck delayed his Show Pony EP just days before it was supposed to be released. Explaining the decision on social media, Peck wrote: “We’re undergoing a huge overdue worldwide transformation thanks to the Black Lives Matter movement and that is mainly what I want to put my focus on at the moment. The momentum is currently so strong, and it needs to keep going in order to dismantle the injustices of oppression, so if your voice hasn’t been heard yet just use it, or walk out and hear the protesters, and if you’re scared, tell them Orville sent you.”

Watch Peck and Twain perform “Legends Never Die” on The Tonight Show above.

Show Pony is out now via Sub Pop. Get it here.