Perfume Genius Releases ‘Pop Song,’ Another Rhythmic New Track From His Dance Performance Show

Perfume Genius’ current project is The Sun Still Burns Here, a dance and music performance collaboration with choreographer Kate Wallich and dance company The YC. The show had its debut performances in Seattle earlier this month, and following that, he has shared a new song from it, “Pop Song.” While there are some elements of pop here, the song has more in common with Hadreas’ previous The Sun Still Burns Here release, “Eye In The Wall.” Like its predecessor, “Pop Song” has a strong sense of rhythm and movement that’s presumably perfect in the context of a dance performance.

Perfume Genius’ Mike Hadreas says of the song, “A joyous communal sacrifice of the physical to spiritually level up. The lyric is like a conjuration spell to be sung when the mountain of bodies settles in position and is held still as an offering.”

Hadreas also said of the show in a statement about “Eye In The Wall,” “Working with Kate Wallich and YC, really being with my body, really being with other bodies — there is control and a real formula but a portal opened up in parallel that is completely free and overwhelmingly full of feeling.”

We haven’t gotten a new Perfume Genius album since 2017, but that doesn’t mean Hadreas hasn’t been busy over the past 12 months. Last November, he shared a new recording of “Alan” as well as a new song called “Not For Me.” In January, he also shared a cover of Empress Of’sWhen I’m With Him,” on which Empress Of features.

Listen to “Pop Song” above.