Phoebe Bridgers Thinks Being Annoying Helped Her Learn How To Sing

Phoebe Bridgers is on top of the music world now, but it wasn’t always that way. Once upon a time, she was just a kid learning how to sing, and apparently, she did so by being annoying.

Bridgers and frequent collaborator Marshall Vore are among the participants in “Song Start,” a new series from Spotify For Artists. Spotify describes it as “a video and podcast education series focusing on songwriting, production, music, and mindset. It’s a jumping off point. It’s where the song starts!” In Bridgers and Vore’s video, they go over recording an acoustic demo track. As an aside, though, Bridgers notes, “I learned how to harmonize by being the annoying kid in the car who was like, “[sings],” like harmonizing with everything on the radio. But that’s how you learn!”

The clip mostly focuses on Bridgers using a small device called Spire Studio, which connects to a phone, to record a demo with individual vocal and guitar tracks. At the end of the video, Bridgers offers some solid advice for artists, saying, “Apologize for yourself as little as possible. When I show something and I’m like, ‘OK, it’s not all the way done and this is by no means finished,’ it’s just like, just do it, it’s fine.”

Watch the video above.