Someone Expertly Mashed Up Phoebe Bridgers Performing ‘Kyoto’ With ‘Mr. Brightside’ And She Loved It

Now that the generation who grew up listening to The Killers have started to settle down and get married, “Mr. Brightside” has become a shoo-in song for elder millennial wedding playlists. Which probably just means the early 2000s banger is back on everybody’s minds again, and that might be part of what inspired someone to use it in a mashup. Who better to mashup this iconic indie hit with than current indie icon Phoebe Bridgers? We know she’s beloved by a #kindvibes fan base and has a deep appreciation for other musicians, so it’s no surprise that she loved the combination of her song “Kyoto” with The Killers’ hit. Her simple commentary on the clip? “This f*cks.”

The expert mashup takes the video from Phoebe’s SNL performance of “Kyoto” and syncs it with a recent live performance of “Mr. Brightside” from The Killers, perfectly navigating between the two and taking pieces of each to highlight the other. The lyrics and melody mostly focus on Phoebe, and it’s her vocals that are included, but with all the rising and falling action that makes “Mr. Brightside” a true banger. Really, this is one of the best mashups I’ve heard all year, and I have to look for music internet creativity like this for a living. Waiting for The Killers to weigh in next.