Phoebe Bridgers Takes A Jab At Ryan Adams While Explaining Her Lyrics In An Impromptu Twitter Q&A

Like many artists, Phoebe Bridgers’ lyrics aren’t always direct, so sometimes it takes a bit of thought to figure out what she means. Sometimes, though, the meaning can seem more poetic than literal or informed by inside information, which leaves fans wondering what exactly it is she’s talking about. Last night, Bridgers decided to indulge her followers by hosting an impromptu Q&A on Twitter to explain her lyrics. At one point, she took a jab at Ryan Adams.

A fan on Twitter asked Bridgers if they “could get together and u could tell me what ur lyrics mean,” to which Bridgers replied, “comment a lyric and I’ll tell you exactly what it means.”

One person asked about the “Motion Sickness” lyric, “You gave me fifteen hundred / To see your hypnotherapist / I only went one time, you let it slide,” asking, “I would just like to know who I can see who will give me $1,500 to see their hypnotherapist but I only have to go one time please and thank you.” Bridgers answered, “Ryan Adams. Do not recommend.” Bridgers has spoken out about Adams before and previously disclosed the song was written about him.

Bridgers answered a lot of other fan questions as well, so check out the tweets below or here.